Game Art Show


Belgioioso Game Art Show is a contest open to all players and models from any game (fantasy, historical, futuristic).

The models can be mounted on either a gaming base or a scenic base; in the case of a scenic base, it will not be included in the judgment. In any case, we suggest adding a wooden plinth for display.


01 Single Miniature
Human-sized infantry or cavalry on a proportionate mount (horse, boar, motorcycle, etc.)

02 Team/Squadron
No limit on size or scale, nor on type, with a minimum of three models (e.g., Blood Bowl team, Landsknecht unit, tank or artillery unit, sci-fi unit)

03 Monster – Monstrous Creature
A single miniature or mount larger than a human being, a monster can be organic or mechanical. For example, a dragon ridden by a human falls into the category of monsters.

04 Vehicle/Medium of Transportation
Chariot, Tank, Trebuchet, Plane, Spaceship, Ship…

05 Army
Judged on the gaming table in case of players’ army at a fair, both tournament and demo table. Those not participating in the tournament can also enter by displaying their army at a time and place that will be specified by the organizers. The armies must be fully painted.

06 Oldhammer
Vintage GameWorkshop models

07 Sculpture – Green – 3D Print – Ultra Modifications (unpainted)
Game miniature sculpted or heavily modified

08 Duel or Sequence

Duel between two models or a battle sequence. Active interaction between the models is required, dioramas that adhere to these rules are also accepted (for other types of dioramas, we recommend entering in open/best art with diorama award). E.g., duelists looking into each other’s eyes will not be accepted.

Awards will be given with a straightforward formula: gold, silver, and bronze for each category.

The online pre-registration for the contest is open!