The rules for the second edition of the Belgioioso Mini Art Show competition are nearly finalized. This event is a must-attend for enthusiasts of modeling and miniature art! With great enthusiasm, we announce that the contest will take place on September 21 and 22, 2024, bringing a fresh wave of creativity and ingenuity.

Once again, the contest aims to break down barriers between different categories of modeling, providing space for artistic expression and communication through models. The modeling competition will be divided into four categories: Best Art, Open Art, Game Art, and Juniors, for artists under 16.

Since our goal is to push the artistic side of the hobby while maintaining a connection with the playful aspect from which passion often springs, we have made modifications to simplify and at the same time highlight all aspects of this vision.

Best Art Show: The Challenge of the Champions

The Best Art Show represents the pinnacle of the Belgioioso Mini Art, an exclusive competition that brings together the most talented modelers in the artistic scene. This category is a challenge for expert artists, showcasing their mastery, creativity, and refined technique. It’s the ideal opportunity for high-level modelers to compete and demonstrate their exceptional talent in miniature modeling.

Open Art Show: A Rewarding and Open Formula

The Open Art Show is distinguished by its inclusive award formula, open to all participants, regardless of their experience level. This category offers a platform for both emerging artists and veterans to freely showcase their creativity and innovation. With an evaluation that rewards diversity and originality, the Open Art Show invites all enthusiasts to express their unique talent in the world of modeling.

Game Art: The First Contest for Miniature Games

With Game Art, Belgioioso Mini Art launches the first competition dedicated to players of miniature games. This category celebrates the connection between the art of modeling and the playful world of board games and miniatures. Participants will have the opportunity to show how their creations can enrich the gaming experience, bringing innovation and creativity to the field. The Game Art is the ideal environment for exploring the artistic potential of miniature games.

Next January, we will open pre-registrations. Leave your email below if you want to be notified as soon as we open.