It is with great pleasure that we announce that during the latest edition of the Monte San Savino Show, we had the opportunity to award Sara Salmanpour with a recognition for the ‘Best Artistic Work‘.

Her extraordinary transposition of Jono Dry‘s work ‘Goliath‘ captured our attention and that of the audience, standing out for its artistic mastery and expressive depth.
Sara, with her exceptional talent, has managed to transpose the expressive depth of the original work into the three-dimensional medium typical of modeling, transporting the viewers on a unique visual journey.

Sara Salmanpour transposition

Her version of ‘Goliath’ maintained the emotional depth and symbolic complexity of the original, enriching it with her artistic sensitivity and impeccable technique.

Goliath – Jono Dry

This award is not only a recognition of Sara’s talent and dedication, but also a tribute to the ability of art to inspire and influence new generations of artists.

We thank the Monte San Savino Show for giving us the opportunity to select an award among so many incredible pieces.